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Santa Fe'S STORY



Santa Fe Southwest Grill is the creation of

Micki and Gordon Patterson.

 Good food has been a family tradition since Micki was a child helping her mother prepare family meals. She went on to become a chef herself, and for a number of years, Micki successfully ran Mick's Corral in Saratoga, WY.


While at Mick's Corral, Micki worked hard and passionately to master her natural ability of making amazing food. She also followed the lessons and family recipes passed down from her mother. She had truly honed her God-given cooking abilities into something that can only be

described as magical.

Shortly after Gordon and Micki moved to Rock Springs, Micki realized she missed serving and sharing with people through amazing food. After a little encouragement and convincing from Gordon that it shouldn't be kept from the world, the two embarked on their journey into the restaurant world of Rock Springs!

In the spring of 1991,  Santa Fe Southwest Grill was born.



    In the 25+ years since Santa Fe has opened, Micki and Gordon have stepped back and passed the restaurant down to "the boys", Shane and Cory, who still uphold the same amazing standards.

They use many of the original recipes while always innovating with fresh new ideas. With its crowd-pleasing food and clean, comfortable atmosphere, Santa Fe is the definition of a great family restaurant.


It has truly become a Rock Springs staple.


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